Want To Travel? These Are The Best Countries In The World According To Survey

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The holidays are coming up and that means you’re probably looking for places to go. Now you won’t even have to worry about where to go! More than 600,000 well-seasoned travelers took part in the Readers’ Choice Awards survey and came up with the top 5 countries to travel to in 2019. So get your camera, your gear and pack your bags to visit these wonderful countries all over the world.

  1. 1 Indonesia


    This is where Bali is, with its gorgeous beaches, lush greenery and beautiful landscapes. It's a great place to discover new things and experience a different culture.

  2. 2 Thailand

    Lonely Planet

    Whether you're looking for a fun and loud place to let loose, or a quiet spiritual retreat, there's something for every kind of traveler in Thailand.

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