5 Things To Consider Before Quitting Your Job

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Do you ever find yourself wondering what you’re doing at your current job? Maybe you feel unfulfilled and like no one really appreciates your work. Sometimes it could be that the work environment is no longer working for you, and you’re looking for something new. There are many reasons for quitting your job, but here’s what you should consider before that. 


Unfinished business

When quitting your job, it’s good to try as much as possible to tie up any loose ends. This starts with finishing up any pending work, as well as setting up meetings with anyone who needs to know that you’re leaving. Not only is this good practice, it also ensures that you get good references wherever you go.

5 Things To Consider Before Quitting Your Job

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Keep it civil

You may be leaving a toxic work environment, but it’s never a good idea to burn bridges while at it. Unless it cannot be avoided, don’t be rude to anyone in your last days there. Remember that you may need their help one day, so leave on good terms. 

The transition process 

Will you be needed to train someone to take over your role? Can you expect a recommendation letter from your former boss? Will you have to keep chasing after your last paycheck, plus benefits? These are just some of the major things you need to consider before quitting your job. 

5 Things To Consider Before Quitting Your Job

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What’s your financial situation? 

To be honest, money is a great motivator to leave or stay somewhere. When quitting your job, you need to access your finances and see how long you can survive without a job. This is very important, especially when you want to take a break from employment for a while. 

Other prospects 

Are you quitting your job because you got another offer somewhere else? Even if they pay more, is it convenient for you and your lifestyle? How about the company culture? Will it work for you? You need to consider if it’s really a better option for you. 


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