5 Things You Should Never Say To A Woman You Just Met

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Women aren’t complicated. Just like anyone, they want to be treated with respect and basic decency. When you’ve just met her especially, it is really important to make an effort to not come off as a rude, ill-mannered person. So what should you never say a woman? Here are a few phrases you shouldn’t even think about, let alone speak in front of any woman. Otherwise, you’ll have no one to blame for the consequences, like a slap to the face.


You should smile more

No one owes you a smile, especially a woman that doesn’t even know you. So maybe just don’t say this to a woman, ever!


You need to calm down

Really? If that has never worked for you during an argument, what makes you think it will work for her? 


Are you on your period?

So what if she is? Unless you’re her doctor or plan to get her a period care package, this is something you should never say to a woman.


Maybe you shouldn’t eat that

Unless you’re saving her from aflatoxin or other poisonous substances in food, just keep your mouth shut and eat your food.


No offense, but….

Honestly, any sentence that starts like that is always offensive. To paraphrase the wise ones, if you have nothing good to say, then keep your mouth shut.



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