Aged Beef Is A Thing & You’ll Pay Kshs 10,000 To Try Some In Kenya

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What do you love about a well prepared piece of steak at a restaurant? Is it the sizzle of fat as it’s slowly grilled over an open flame? Perhaps it is the tantalizing smell that pulls you ever closer like a smoky finger cartoon? Maybe it’s that very first bite when the meat falls off the bone and the flavor explode on your tongue. That’s what you’ll get from aged beef left to mature for 120 days, which will be available in Kenya in 2020.


 Aged Beef Is A Thing & You’ll Pay Kshs 10,000 To Try Some In Kenya



What is aged beef? This is meat that is not cooked immediately after slaughter but left to dry age for a significant amount of time. The process usually starts with the selection of prime cuts of meat from reputable ranches. After that, aging is usually done in a special dry-aging refrigerator under a special temperature and bacteria killing system. After a few days, the meat crust turns dark but is sliced off when cooking to reveal the tender red meat inside. In addition, it breaks down the meat and enhances the taste due to the juices that were trapped inside. This carefully controlled decomposition dates back to our earliest ancestors who used to bury meat to cook later.


 Aged Beef Is A Thing & You’ll Pay Kshs 10,000 To Try Some In Kenya



In Kenya, aged meat is not a new thing. Previously, high end restaurants served gourmet steaks that had been aged for 14-21 days. The 120-days-aged steak is the newest craze for the meat-loving Kenyan population, and will be served at Chophouse in Radisson Blu Upperhill. A serving will cost you at least Kshs 10,000, and you have the option of ordering your cut of meat months in advance and watching it ‘rot’ in their see-through meat ager. Apart from beef, you can also choose to have Asian tuna or fine lambs aged for your eating pleasure.



According to local chefs, the taste of aged beef is better than sex. Will you be testing that theory soon?


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