This UK Restaurant Got A Fantastic New Look From The Doodles Of A 10-Year-Old

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When Joe Whale first started doodling in school, he got into a lot of trouble from his teachers for filling his school books with doodles. However, the imagination of this 10-year -old could not be stopped, which prompted his parents to enrol him in after school art programs. In addition, they also bought him numerous art supplies and shared his art with the world via Instagram. His clever and fantastic doodles got the attention of a local UK restaurant, who hired him to create a huge mural on their wall.




With just a blank canvas and a black marker, Joe created fantastic doodles that really showcased the vivid imagination of this young artist. His father, who was also present when Joe was doodling on the 8-foot tall restaurant wall, was ‘blown away’ by his son’s creativity like everyone else who saw the finished product.


This UK Restaurant Got A Fantastic New Look From The Doodles Of A 10-Year-Old

Courtesy: Business Insider Malaysia



Known online as The Doodle Boy, Joe shares his talent and passion for art. The accounts are run by his parents and showcase all the doodles that the 10-year-old creates and allows to be shared. In addition, the website also has some products for sale which have been designed by Joe. Proceeds from this will go towards his art education. At such a young age, Joe and his doodles are already changing the world around him and it can only get better from here for the 10-year-old.


Featured Image Courtesy: Instagram



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