5 Ways To Manage Diabetes More Efficiently At Home

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Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects the ability of your pancreas to produce insulin, as well as your body’s ability to make use of the insulin produced. This creates a host of problems in your body, including high glucose levels in your blood which leads to organ failure and even death. Diabetes can affect anyone, so chances are that you have it or know someone who does. Living with diabetes is not easy, with treatment alone being very expensive. While a cure hasn’t been found yet, you can manage diabetes at home in the following ways.

  1. 1 Exercise

    One of the ways to manage diabetes at home is through regular exercise. This regulates your body's weight and keeps your blood sugar under control. Apart from weights lifting, you can also engage in swimming, yoga and aerobic exercises.

  2. 2 Salads

    Eating salads daily will keep your diabetes at bay. This is because the nutrients you get from the vegetables help your cells to maintain their sensitivity to insulin, which helps in blood-sugar absorption. Go for colourful vegetables and be sure to mix it up with fruits once in a while.

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