5 Ways To Know The Parte After Parte Must Stop

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With the holidays coming up, you’re likely to get all kinds of parte after parte invites. This means that the alcohol will be flowing and the good times will be rolling. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as you pace yourself and know your limits. However, how much is too much and when do you need to put that bottle down? Here are some of the signs to watch out for. 



When you can’t go a day without 

Let’s face it, you may not really think you have an alcohol addiction problem. A few drinks here, kutoa lock the next morning there…. If you can’t even remember the last time you were truly sober, it’s time to put your health first, seek help and stop.


5 Ways To Know The Parte After Parte Must Stop


When it starts affecting your life 

Have you ever shown up to work late and drunk because you just couldn’t bring yourself to leave the parte after parte the night before? How about blowing off some responsibilities because a drinking plan just came up? These may seem like small things, but could cost you a lot if you don’t stop. 


When it’s all you can think about 

If you find yourself constantly blowing up your friends’ phones looking for the next parte after parte plan, then you might have a problem. Going out once in a while to let off some steam is okay, but having the constant need to go out every day is not.


5 Ways To Know The Parte After Parte Must Stop


When you’re in denial 

So you don’t really think you look like, sound like or you are an alcohol addict?One sure way of knowing that you’re overdoing it is when even your friends tell you to ease up. In addition, they may also hold an intervention for you and try to make you see all the ways that alcohol has started to ruin your life. 


When you can’t keep up

You may have been very good at controlling your drinking in your younger days, but that may no longer be the case. As the body grows older, it gets weaker and you can no longer drink as much as you used to no matter how lit the parte after parte is.



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