How To Remove Your Makeup Naturally With Common Household Products

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After a glammed night out or a long day, all you want to do is fall into bed and shut the world away. However, you still have to take a few minutes to remove the day’s makeup and dirt from your skin. Your skin is very sensitive and keeping it healthy includes finding the right products to make the makeup removal process as natural and seamless as possible. While many commercial makeup removers are abrasive and contain harsh ingredients that strip your skin of essential oils, you can also remove your makeup naturally by using these common household products.



Aloe vera

Do you have an aloe vera plant in your kitchen garden? Just snap off a part of the leaf, extract aloe vera gel, mix with honey and use the mixture to remove your makeup naturally. Don’t worry, the plant will grow back and your face will be left feeling refreshed and moisturized.


How To Remove Your Makeup Naturally With Common Household Products



When you’re not drinking it, how about using yogurt on your skin? Due to its high amount of probiotics, yogurt is very nourishing for your skin. To use it to remove makeup, spread about a tablespoon of yogurt all over your face and eye area, then wipe with a warm washcloth after a few minutes.



Has your eye makeup been giving you trouble lately? Get it all off naturally and cleanse your skin at the same time with some milk. Just take a cotton ball, soak it with some milk and rub it over your eyes. Finish off by rinsing with some warm water.


How To Remove Your Makeup Naturally With Common Household Products



Cucumbers give your salads that extra crunch, but that’s not the only thing they are good for! If you have some leftover cucumber, mash it into a paste and use it to remove your eye makeup naturally. You can even mix it with some yogurt for best results and to leave your skin feeling refreshed.



Avocado is bae, even on your skin! Not only will it help you to remove your makeup naturally, avocados also make a great face mask. Just scoop up the pulp and aim for the oil just above the skin. In addition, add some sugar and a splash of lemon juice for fresh and radiant skin.



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