5 Activities To Do With Your Children That Don’t Involve Your Phone

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It’s the holidays and that means that your kids are at home. It may be the perfect time to bond and do things together, but that rarely happens. In fact, your children probably only talk to you when they want your phone to play games, take pictures or watch YouTube. If they have their own phones and WiFi in the house, then it becomes even harder for you to get them to look up or at least leave their rooms. So how can you enjoy their company while also limiting their screen time? Here are some activities you can start doing with your children before they go back to school.



Cook a meal together

Do your children love the process of cooking? Are they interested in learning? If you’ve been dying to try out a new recipe, this is the perfect opportunity. This is one of the activities guaranteed to keep them occupied and not even thinking about your phone or the Internet.


5 Activities To Do With Your Children That Don’t Involve Your Phone


Start a scavenger hunt

Every house has junk that no one really knows what to do with, so why not use it for a scavenger hunt? Just write down clues and hide everything around the house for your children to find within a set time alone or as teams.


Go for a walk

Nature is amazing and there’s so much that can be seen and experienced by just going outside. Plus, it’s great exercise and gives you a chance to chat and catch up. So put your phone down, get your children and take that walk around the neighborhood.


5 Activities To Do With Your Children That Don’t Involve Your Phone


Read a book together

It is said that children become readers from the lap of their parents. This happens when they also see you reading, as well as through consistent bonding moments through reading together. You can even allow them to suggest the book to read so that they enjoy these activities more.


Play games together

When it comes to playing together with your children, leave video games and anything that would need you to use your phone out of it. Instead, go for activities like board games, puzzles or made-up games that you can play inside or outside.



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