KOT Troll HELB After Notice To Publish The Names & Pictures Of Loan Defaulters

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After Mungu, ogopa KOT! That’s something most people online know, even from other countries, but apparently haikufikia HELB. This lesson was learned the hard way recently after they posted a statement on the official HELB Twitter account. In it was a notice to loan defaulters to pay up or HELB would publish the names and pictures of all 85,000 of them in the local newspapers within 30 days. Furthermore, HELB would also consider legal action against each defaulter if nothing was done. 




KOT did not take kindly to this news of naming and shaming loan defaulters. Most Kenyans on Twitter chose to call their bluff and even shared photos ‘that showed off their good side’ to be published. Others questioned the wisdom of publishing all those names and pictures of loan defaulters which would require a lot of money being paid to newspapers. Instead, as they pointed out, this money would be better used to offset some of those loans. 



The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) is ‘a State corporation which provides loans, bursaries to Kenyan students pursuing higher education in recognized institutions of higher learning and to recover loaned out funds from the beneficiaries.’ In an ideal world, loan beneficiaries are supposed to finish their higher education and get jobs which would then enable them to pay off their loans. However, that rarely happens, which is part of the reason why there is such a huge number of HELB loan defaulters currently.



As for the threat to publish all the names and pictures of HELB loan defaulters, KOT keeps daring and trolling HELB to do their worst as the 30-day deadline approaches. 



Featured Image Courtesy: Quora



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