Jeff Koinange Can Now Retire, Joseph Ndegwa Is Smoookiiin’ Hot & Ready To Take Over!

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People are usually told to never meet their idols because they will disappoint them, but that wasn’t the case for Joseph Ndegwa. After a long time of imitating Jeff Koinange and only seeing him on TV, Joseph finally met the man in person on the JKLive show. 




In fact, the young star from Narok was a huge hit during his debut and even got to introduce the start of the show to everyone watching. In the clip, Joseph is seen walking into the studio holding a cup of tea, just as Jeff Koinange himself is known to do. The show’s introduction went off without much of a hitch, showing off Joseph’s talent of imitation and massive confidence. As for Jeff Koinange, the veteran journalist looked very impressed with what his ‘mini-me’ seemed capable of. 




Joseph Ndegwa became something of a household name when a video of him imitating Jeff Koinange went viral in early November. It was quite impressive to everyone who watched it, including Jeff Koinange himself. This is what led to the boy being invited to meet Jeff on the JKLive show.



When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, Joseph Ndegwa is confident that he wants to be a journalist like Jeff Koinange. He has already received a lot of encouragement from netizens who can’t seem to get enough of him. Here are some of the KOT reactions:


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