The 5 Rules Of A Successful One-Night Stand With A Stranger

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Casual hookups get a bad rep sometimes.However, it is perfect for people not looking for relationships who want just a night of sexy fun. For most people, the concept of a one-night stand just doesn’t make sense. This is either because they’ve never done it, or have gone about it the wrong way. If you’re thinking of having a successful one-night stand with a stranger, these are some of the rules you must follow.


Consent above all

Are there some things you’ve always wanted to try in the bedroom? A one-night stand with a stranger may be the perfect time for that. However, make sure that your partner consents to all the things you do together at every moment.


Be honest with each other

If you want a successful one-night stand, it is essential to have an honest conversation with your partner before the clothes come off. This is when you can both be sure that you’re on the same page, as well as discuss your sex limits and what works for you.


Use protection

A one-night stand should never leave you with a sexually transmitted disease or an unplanned pregnancy. There are many risks that come with having sex, especially with a stranger, and it is your responsibility to protect yourself as much as possible.


Be respectful

Just because you don’t plan to see or continue a relationship with this person doesn’t mean that you should be disrespectful. Don’t be mean, respect their things and communicate with your partner the whole time.

Go where you’re comfortable

Do you feel most comfortable in your house? Then take your partner for the night there. However, if it’s a stranger that you don’t want to know where you live, you can take your casual hookup to their place or a hotel. The more comfortable you are, the better the sex will be!



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