How To Cope When Your Football Team Loses

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Kusema ukweli, football is probably a huge part of your life. You may not remember important birthdays or names, but you can talk about your team’s stats or when they won in such an amazing way 20 years ago unprovoked. As a fan, you want your football team to win all the time, but what happens when they don’t? Here are 5 ways to cope with football loses. 



Take a breather 

When your football team loses, the disappointment can cause you to do something stupid that you’ll regret later. To avoid this, just turn off the TV, step out of the room and think about something else for a while. 


How To Cope When Your Football Team Loses

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Eat your feelings 

As you’re processing your feelings over your team’s lose, eating junk food will make you feel a lot better. Give yourself an hour or so and just pig out. Be careful not to overeat as that will make you feel even worse. 



Get active 

How about some exercise? You can go to the gym or just take a simple walk around the neighborhood. This will help you cope with your football team’s loses by releasing endorphins inside your body, which help you feel good. 


How To Cope When Your Football Team Loses

Courtesy: Pinterest


Talk to other fans

There’s nothing quite like being with like minded people after a football lose. After all, misery loves company! This will be great for you to dissect your team’s performance, as well as avoid being laughed at by the winning team. 



Stay loyal to your team 

When your football team loses, it is always very tempting to switch sides. However, always try to remember why you choose to support this team from the start. In addition, the next game might be a winner! 



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