A Helpful Guide To The 5 Rules Of Drinkcember

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It’s Drinkcember, which means they’ll be a lot of parties and fun times. It’s a good thing, obviously, but there are a few rules you should stick to.

  1. 1 Be kind to your servers

    Drinkcember is when everyone feels the need to go out so most places will be crowded. That means that servers will have a lot of work to do to keep everyone satisfied. Just be considerate when you go out, and don't cause problems if you have to wait a little longer for your order. Also, don't forget to tip well!

  2. 2 Carry enough money

    Usichonge viazi this Drinkcember! If you really want to turn up, make sure that you have enough money for your bills. Don't be the person who keeps calling everyone for a kasmall loan because you can't pay for something.

  3. 3 Be ready for the unexpected

    If people online are to be believed, tis the season when you go to buy groceries kwa the local mama mboga and end up in 'Vasha or something! So if you have those kinds of friends, just make sure you always keep your phone charged, carry some money and a change of clothes at least.

  4. 4 Usichome picha

    Let's be honest. Drinkcember is a time when many people will have a chance to try out new things, especially alcohol. However, si kila saa parte after parte! Know your limits na usijiaibishe mbele ya watu. Don't forget to take a break once in a while.

  5. 5 Most importantly, DON'T DRINK & DRIVE!

    This is not the time to prove to everyone how good of a driver you are. If you're drunk, don't put your life or the lives of others at risk. Please take a cab or matatu to where you're going and live to see the new year.



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