6 Types Of Relatives You’ll Have To Deal With During The Holidays

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Isn’t it great when it’s the holidays and you can take a long break from work to spend time with family? For the most part, this is a wonderful time. However, having to deal with these types of relatives will make you glad that the holidays only come once a year.



The Monster-in-Law

Just face it, you’ll never be good enough for her child no matter what you do. She’s one of those relatives that will make sure to point out every little mistake you make during the holidays. In addition, she’ll look for ways to show off her ‘better’ skills all the time. The best way to deal with this is to just ignore her and set clear boundaries of what she’s allowed to do in your house.

Types of relatives during the holidays.

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The Nosy Aunt

What’s up with your hair? Why did you quit your job? Unaolewa lini? Uko na kamtu? Short of hiding in the bathroom, you cannot stay away from this one during the holidays. She’ll even call in other relatives for an intervention if she doesn’t like your answers. You can choose to tell the truth, lie or make sure that you look busy always so you can’t be cornered.

The Drunk Uncle 

This is probably one of your favorite relatives because of his amazing stories when drunk. However, he’s also been known to drink too much and start fights with other family members. If you don’t want to spend the holidays worried about this, just keep the booze away around him.

Types of relatives during the holidays.

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The Lazy Cousins

For most families over the holidays, chores are divided among all the relatives. This is planned out and well known in advance so that everyone can play their part in making the family gathering a success. Lazy cousins types usually pretend to have forgotten their role so that someone else can do it for them. The best way to deal with this is to withhold family privileges until they do what they should have done in the first place.

The Newbies

It could be that some of your relatives have decided to celebrate the holidays with their new families or significant others. When they show up at your family event, it can be difficult and awkward to relate to them at first. The best way to deal with this is to be polite and try to include them in as many activities as possible.



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