How To Survive A Blind Date Set Up By Friends

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Are you a member of the forever alone club? Tis the season when everyone starts to look at you funny and asking you kama uko na kamtu. If your friends are coupled up, they are likely to set you up on blind date after blind date so that you are not alone during the holidays. However, you need to keep these tips in mind if you hope to survive it and maybe find love in the process.



Be honest

So your friends have set you up on a blind date. What’s next? This is the part where you call yourself for a little meeting and determine what you want the possible outcome to be. Depending on what you are looking for, you can always say yes or no.


Blind Date Set Up By Friends


Talk to your date beforehand 

If you decide to go on a blind date, it is very important to talk to your date before. This will help you get a better feel of who they are and what they are about. Just have a quick 10 minute call, where you can also finalize on the date details.


Be wary of expectations

Since the blind date has been set up by your friends, chances are that they’ve really made you sound amazing. In addition, they may have made your date sound perfect for you to entice you to go out. Just keep an open mind and have very low expectations on the blind date.


Blind Date Set Up By Friends


Stick to coffee

A blind date is meant to be a short meeting where you check each other out and decide if you have a romantic future. That said, a full dinner date would put too much pressure on you. Instead, go for a simple coffee date to break the ice.


Don’t give up 

Sometimes a blind date doesn’t go as expected and that’s okay. The ‘perfect match’ according to your friends may not really be what you’re looking for. If you fail to click with your date, it may be that you need to try again.



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