Cardi B Wins The Internet On Her First Ever Africa Tour

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Cardi B is in Africa for the first time ever and she’s been winning hearts and new fans left, right and center. The award-winning rapper and social media darling is on a Nigeria and Ghana tour as part of her Livespot X Festival performances on 7th and 8th December 2019.

The pre-game

Captioned "1:03am drop my KK in NY on my way to Afrriiiiicaaaaaaaaaa baybeeeee!!!!!!," a visibly excited Cardi B posted a video on her Instagram when she was on her way to Nigeria. In the video, she can be seen dancing to a remix version of Davido's 'Fall'. According to an official statement from him, this was recorded a while back but was never released to the public. 

Meeting the fans

After getting to Nigeria, Cardi B spent some time visiting a few places and seeing the real Nigeria, something she had wanted to do for a while. She shared all her experiences through her Instastories, which the 'Bardigang' her fans couldn't get enough of. Some of the places she visited include a radio station, a night club and a children's home. 

Doing amazing things

The performance

Her first ever performance in Africa went off without a hitch. Cardi B was dressed in the white and green colors of the Nigerian flag, from her hair to her feet. From all accounts, it was an amazing time for everyone and she delivered a great set. 

Some of the reactions from Internet users about her visit to Nigeria include:

Part two of the African tour....

At the moment, Cardi B is already in Ghana and is expected to have an amazing time there as well. In addition, her fans are also excited for what is sure to be another great performance at the Livespot X Festival.



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