5 Flirty Text Ideas To Help You Shoot Your Shot

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The holidays are that time of the year  when it feels like everyone around you is in a relationship and you’re not. It’s also the perfect time to let your crush know what’s up. So if you feel like you’re ready to shoot your shot, let them know exactly what you want with these flirty texts. Who knows? Maybe you’ll also start next year as relationship goals!


Well, hello!


Flirty texts shoot your shot


If  you want to make plans with your crush, shoot your shot with this text and see how it goes.


Make it punny


Flirty texts shoot your shot


Who doesn’t love food, especially when it’s punny? In addition to flirty texts, go the extra mile and shoot your shot with a homemade meal or two.



That’s sick!


Flirty texts shoot your shot

Confidence is everything, so let those flirty texts bring that out and make your crush see you in a new light.



Weighty matters first


Flirty texts shoot your shot


Between all the food and enjoyment of the holidays, isn’t this the best kind of weight to put on? So what are you waiting for? Shoot your shot and get started on that!



It’s an everyday MOOD!


Flirty texts shoot your shot


Want to let your crush know how your day was? It’s great to let your flirty texts do the talking.








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