This Nairobi Church Has Banned Congregants From Wearing Revealing Clothes

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In a move that has caused a stir around social media circles, St Peter Claver’s Catholic Church Nairobi has decided to ban certain elements of clothes from being worn in the church on grounds of indecency.

A viral picture doing rounds on social media shows a banner with the inscriptions “Mavazi Yasiyofaa Kanisani” loosely translated to mean, clothes that have been banned from the church. The banner that hangs overhead at the Church entrance has images of models wearing miniskirts, caps, dresses with long and exposing slits, tops that expose cleavage, sagged pants and ripped jeans.



The move is believed to be in an effort to curb indecent dressing in the church. This comes a time when the moral fabric of the church has been eroded by the current lifestyle choices of many churchgoers.


Tweeps on twitter were quick to throw in their two cents on the move by St. Peter Claver’s Catholic Church.

One twitter user said:



Another twitter user said:



It still remains unclear what will happen to congregants who choose to go against this law but one thing is for sure.

The message is loud and clear. May everyone with eyes see!




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