Female Landlady Physically Assaults Male Tenant In Meru [VIDEO]

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Netizens have been angered by a viral video that shows a female landlady physically assault a male tenant in Meru.

The video believed to have been shot by the assaulted tenant shows the angry landlady pace around in blind rage before she moved to the male tenant for the assault.

The assaulted, took to his twitter page to explain what ensued citing that he did not defend himself in fear of his actions being interpreted wrongly.

In the video, the assaulted was asking for a refund of his January rent but the landlady sternly says no! and further went on to tell the tenant to do whatever he wants to. “Ukitaka vita ni vita,” she added.

The assaulted, in the video, claimed that he had paid his rent in advance that dates to March of 2020 yet he has come home to a house locked by the landlord. He also claimed that the landlord has been wrongfully accessing his house.

The angry landlady then hurled insults at the tenant before physically attacking him.

This incidence has elicited sharp reactions among netizens

One twitter user said:


Feature Image Courtesy: Twitter



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