Wajinga Nyinyi By King Kaka Is Now The New Kenyan Anthem According To Netizens!

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The day was Saturday and everyone was going on with the usual weekend shenanigans. That was until Wajinga Nyinyi by King Kaka dropped and it became the new Kenyan anthem!



In the video, King Kaka talked about the current state of Kenya, from the people to the leaders and the politics, with the title of the song, Wajinga Nyinyi, as a reference to all these. His laid back style of rap, as well as using examples Kenyans could relate to really brought out this message. In addition, King Kaka also had a sign language interpreter at certain parts of the video. The simple white and black video has had more than 13K views in the two hours since it was uploaded.


Almost immediately Wajinga Nyinyi dropped, Kenyans on Twitter couldn’t stop talking about it:



King Kaka is known for standing up for what he believes in in his music. Earlier this year, he was part of Kenyan artistes that were fed up of being paid peanuts by the MCSK, something he also referenced in his latest single, Wajinga Nyinyi.


Featured Image Courtesy: Mzuka Kibao



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