Boxing Day Is No Longer A Kenyan Holiday According To The Cabinet!

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Kenyans will no longer be able to celebrate Boxing Day. This is according to today’s Cabinet meeting which approved for the renaming of Boxing Day to Utamaduni Day. Also approved was the renaming of Moi Day to Huduma Day, according to the former president’s wishes.


Cabinet Boxing Day

Courtesy: Twitter


Boxing Day is an international public holiday that is celebrated on 26th December. It is meant to be the time when people usually receive and give out Christmas gift boxes. The term started to be used in the 1800s when rich people would box up gifts to give to the poor. It was also a day off for servants where they received a special Christmas box from their masters. With the renaming of Boxing Day to Utamaduni Day, this day will now be set aside to celebrate Kenyan culture and heritage.


Once the news came out, Kenyans on Twitter were quick to share their opinions:




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