Kenyans To Pay Kshs 3000 To Get New Digital Vehicle Number Plates In January

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Kenyans will have to make sure that they don’t do too much over the holidays and save at least Kshs 3000. This is what it will cost motorists to get the new digital vehicle plates in January 2020.


Digital Number Plates Kenya

Courtesy: Bizna Kenya


Each Kenyan motorist will have to pay Kshs 3000 to replace their old number plates with these new digital number plates in the new year. According to Correctional Services Principal Secretary Zainab Hussein, the government aims to get this done for all the vehicles, motorcycles and trailers owned by Kenyans. The last vehicle statistics in Kenya in 2017 put this number at 2.98 million, which adds up to about 9 billion shillings in new digital vehicle number plates acquisition fees.


The designs for the new digital vehicle number plates were agreed on after bench-marking in three countries. The team sent also had to come up with a design that would use locally available material. The digital vehicle number plates will come with many anti-counterfeit features, including holograms, watermarks and laser markers. This will help police to track and get information on individual cars and their owners.


Digital number plates Kenya

Courtesy: Daily Nation


This has been a process that has taken years to be finalized. According to the NTSA, cartels  have been duplicating the current number plates to evade taxes.


Featured Image Courtesy: Daily Nation



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