How To Make Your Man Miss You Like Crazy

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Being in a relationship is a good thing most of the time. However, it can be quite hard if you don’t get to see your man as much as you’d like. Between the phone calls and the lovey-dovey texts, it can be difficult to tell whether he really misses you or not. If you really want to make sure of that, here are five ways to make a man miss you like crazy.


Give him space

This may sound weird, but a man is not going to miss you if you’re always around. The same goes if you’re always calling or texting him. You don’t always have to be available for him. Just give him space to do whatever he wants sometimes and let him have a reason to miss you. This way, he’ll also be the one who starts the conversation next time.


Man Miss You

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Use social media

These days it seems that a huge chunk of life is spent on social media. Make sure that you post your best pics and videos when having fun to show him what he’s missing. Since men are visual creatures, seeing something good will definitely spark his interest. Just make sure not to overdo it so that you don’t look like you’re desperate for attention.


Surprise him

One of the best ways to make sure that your man misses you is to do something he doesn’t expect. If the relationship becomes predictable, then your man is likely to lose interest very fast. Since you know what he likes, why not surprise him once in a while?


Man Miss You

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Leave him hanging

Whenever you’re having a conversation, make sure that you leave it on a cliffhanger. Try not to share everything you’re thinking and feeling at once. Instead let the conversation drag on for as long as possible. This will make your man look forward to seeing you next time even more.


Stop trying too hard

You don’t always have to be talking to your man and telling him how much you miss him. Sometimes the best option is to just be absent for a while and let him  notice your absence. This will definitely make him miss you more.


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