5 Songs That Should Definitely Be On Your Christmas Playlist

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Christmas is here, and so is the merry and the cheer! For many Kenyans, Christmas is about eating good food, relaxing and dealing with annoying relatives sometimes. In the middle of all that, Christmas carols are usually always playing in the background. In addition, singing together and remembering the reason for the season brings everyone closer together. If you’re not sure what you’ll be singing this Christmas, then make sure you add these Africanized carols to your Christmas playlist.

  1. 1 12 Days of Christmas

    This Kenyan version of the popular Christmas carol '12 Days of Christmas' was done by the Nairobi Lighthouse Church in 2014.

  2. 2 Silent Night

    This rendition of 'Silent Night' was recorded and performed in 2010 by the African Children's Choir at Air-Edel in London.

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