It’s Beautiful, It’s Colorful, It’s Art, It’s The New Face Of Nairobi City!

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If you haven’t been to Nairobi City in a while, then it’s time to make plans to go there. If you have, then you’ve probably seen something colorful and different. Graffiti artists and volunteers have come together to make Kenyatta avenue colorful and beautiful through art.


Nairobi #MyMarkMyCity


Dubbed #MyMarkMyCity, this project is intended to make Nairobians reclaim their city while making public spaces beautiful and fun to be around. By making the city come alive through art, people will enjoy walking around and spending time in Nairobi. In addition, people will be more inspired to keep the city clean.


Nairobi #MyMarkMyCity


The #MyMarkMyCity project started with 40 artists dedicated to re-imagining Nairobi spaces. This began by transforming Kenyatta avenue through contextualized art that was culturally significant for Kenyans. Among the places and things that were given a new colorful identity include pedestrian crossings, flowerpots, Nairobi County government garbage bins, and benches.


Nairobi #MyMarkMyCity


While it started out small, #MyMarkMyCity now has countless volunteers who spend their Sundays transforming Nairobi into a beautiful, colorful wonderland through art. From the complex to the simple, every design is precise, creative and done with love.


Nairobi #MyMarkMyCity


#MyMarkMyCity has also received massive support online, with many people praising it for being a great initiative. Some of the comments include:



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