Here’s Why Kenyans Cannot Get Enough Of Wajinga Nyinyi 4!

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When Wajinga Nyinyi by King Kaka came out a few weeks ago, it instantly became the talk of Kenyans all over the country. The spoken word type song talked about the Kenyan political climate and some of the problems that Kenyans were going through. Since then, other artistes have followed suit and created their versions of the song, including Wajinga Nyinyi part 2 by Poet Teardrops and Wajinga Sisi by Frasha. The latest one is Wajinga Nyinyi 4 by Willie Oeba, Shanki and Evansquez.



Wajinga Nyinyi 4 picks up from where the other versions left of. In the same narrative style, the artistes use a lot of wordplay to bring their message across. Wajinga Nyinyi 4 also talks about some of the issues Kenyans are currently facing and also mentions some prominent political figures. The song, which came out on 27 December, 2019, was posted on King Kaka’s YouTube channel and has already gotten more than 15K views.


Willie Oeba is a spoken word artiste and the reigning East African Spoken Word Poetry Kingship Battle Champion. Together with Shanki and Evansquez, they are some of Nakuru’s finest spoken word poets around.


Once Kenyans heard Wajinga Nyinyi 4, they had a lot to say about it. Here are some of the reactions:


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