10 Places In Kenya To Add To Your Travel Bucket List This Year

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When we think of travel, it is always about going to really far off places around the world. This usually involves a lot of planning, time and money. In 2020, why not try something a bit different and a lot closer to home? Here are 20 places in Kenya for you to visit this year.

  1. 1 Nairobi National Park

    Kenya Wildlife Service

    Get to experience a wildlife safari adventure in the only city in the world to have a safari park within its borders.

  2. 2 Ngong Hills


    This is the perfect spot for biking, cyling, zip lining and spending time with loved ones.

  3. 3 Lamu Island


    Get ready to experience the sun, sand and surf in amazing ways at this historictown.

  4. 4 Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

    Kenya Wildlife Service

    Apart from seeing impalas, this is also a great place for camping, bird watching and enjoying great views of Lake Victoria.

  5. 5 Giraffe Manor

    The Safari Collection

    Be ready to be amazed by and share a meal or two with the herd of Rothchild giraffes that live in the surrounding area.



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