Sunday Service In Mombasa Cut Short By Murder-Suicide Of Pastor & His Wife

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Sunday service at a church in Bamburi, Mombasa came to a standstill recently when the pastor committed murder-suicide. Congregants of the the Ground for God’s Gospel Ministries church watched in horror as their pastor fatally stabbed his wife, and then turned the knife on himself.


Pastor Kills Wife Mombasa

Courtesy: People Daily Kenya


According to eyewitnesses, the 55-year old preacher Elisha Misiko was seated at the pulpit before the murder-suicide. He suddenly removed a knife and stabbed his wife repeatedly on the stomach, hand and back. It seemed that he was aiming for her heart, but the attempt failed because she raised her hands to protect herself. Afterwards, he turned the knife on himself and slit his own throat, dying on the spot. Pastor Ann Mghoi, his wife, was immediately rushed to the Coast general hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.


Pastor Kills Wife Mombasa

Courtesy: The Citizen Tanzania


After the murder-suicide, Mombasa police found a 17-page suicide note written by the deceased pastor. In it, he detailed some of his marital woes with his wife. In particular, he claimed that his wife was involved in multiple affairs with young men in the church. In addition, he also claimed that his wife had taken away the parcel of land on which the church stood, as well as other church materials. He also accused his wife of plotting to take over the church they had built together for over 19 years, prompting him to kill her. Their marriage squabbles were well known to their congregants, and efforts to reconcile them in the past had not worked.


Their bodies were taken to the Coast General Hospital mortuary. The Mombasa couple left four children behind.






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