Not Yet Homecoming For Miguna Miguna As Red Alert Against Him Still Stands

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Against the expectation of Kenyans, Self-proclaimed National Resistance Movement (NRM) leader Miguna Miguna failed to board his scheduled flight from Germany to Nairobi on Tuesday, January 7, 2020.

The plane left without him after officials sited that they had not received clearance from the government of Kenya to allow him on the plane.

Despite Miguna having lined up to board the plane at Berlin’s TXL airport for Frankfurt he did not make it into his plane.

However, his flight from Canada to Germany was all smooth and easy before he was rocked by travel hiccups.

The government had promised to ensure that Miguna’s entry back into the country will be without hiccups on January 6th through a court order issued by Justice Weldon Korir. Turns out the promise was not kept on someone’s end.

Lufthansa Group, on the other hand, confirmed on Twitter that Kenyan authorities requested that Miguna not be allowed on the plane.

Later in the day, Miguna was disembarked from an Air France flight destined for Nairobi under unclear circumstances. Prior to the developments Miguna had taken to his twitter account to announce his triumph on twitter with this tweet:

An angry Miguna had this to say about his being disembarked from the 11pm flight:

Well, its not yet homecoming for embattled Miguna Miguna.

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