‘Woman Of The Year 2020’ Raises $1 Million For Australia Through Nudes

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It’s only the seventh day of 2020, but we already have a winner for the Woman of the Year award! Known simply as The Naked Philanthropist online, Kaylen Ward has managed to raise close to $1 million to assist firefighters and people affected by wildfires in Australia. Her secret? Nudes.



It started simple. Using her social media handles, Kaylen posted a list of charities in Australia that would really benefit from some help. Furthermore, the ‘Woman of the Year 2020’ also promised to send nudes to every person who sent at least $10 to any of the charities. The sender would receive the nudes via DM once Kaylen received confirmation of the donation. At the time, Kaylen had about 30K followers and did not expect much to happen initially. However, she had managed to raise more than $7000 by evening.


The next day Kaylen woke up to find that her post had gone viral. Suddenly, many more people were donating to help with the wildfires in Australia and she was flooded with messages. The amount raised at the time was $100,000 which kept steadily rising. As for Kaylen, she kept her promise and sent nudes to as many people as she could before the messages became too much for her to handle. As one Twitter user deduced, it would have taken her at least a month to answer everyone’s message and send them nudes. This did not stop people from sending donations to Australia, though, which was $1 million at last count.



Kaylen Ward is a nude model who lives in California. She was moved to help with the Australia wildfires when she saw on the news how much devastation they had caused. It is estimated that the fires have destroyed millions of hectares of land and killed close to a billion animals, many of them indigenous to Australia. Such news is why Kaylen felt like she had to do something with the little she had to help out. With all the good that came out of this action, some of the negative stuff included her Instagram account being deactivated and people harassing her online.



Kaylen inspired many people around the world to follow her example and also mobilize people to donate to charities in Australia. The internet was also abuzz with the news, with most people having many great things to say about ‘Woman of the Year 2020’ Kaylen Ward.


Featured Image Courtesy: Twitter



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