Church Confession Session Goes Sour For Suspected Al Shabaab Militant

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A confession session in an undisclosed Mombasa church ended on a sour note. This is after the pastor turned in a young man who confessed to be a member of the Al-Shabab terror group.

Credible sources disclosed that the young man had gone for a usual confession session at the church on January 3rd, when he confessed to being part and parcel of the terror group.

The pastor operating on his sense of civic duty called the police after the confession and the young lad was arrested an arraigned in court the next day.



Confirming the incident Eric Masila, a prosecutor, said, “The suspect had gone to church to be prayed for. It is the pastor who called police to arrest him.”

He further added that the suspect will be detained for 10 days to allow for investigations.

“He is willing to give us valuable information on the operations of the Somali-based terror group,” said Masila.

Part of the investigation will involve scrutinizing data on the suspect’s sim card so as to get crucial leads on the operations of the terror group.

The Al-Shabaab terror group claimed responsibility for an attack on a US military air base in Manda Bay Airfield in Mombasa on Sunday January 5th 2019.


A Photo of The 5th January Attack On The US Air Base In Manda Bay

A Photo of The 5th January Attack On The US Air Base In Manda Bay

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