Jeff Koinange Arrested On His Birthday [VIDEO]

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Award winning journalist Jeff Koinange was yesterday arrested by 2 men who posed as CID officials sent from Kenya Revenue Authority as part of his birthday prank.

The CID officers were dressed in black and carrying communication equipment. They pounced on Jeff Koinange as he was leaving the Royal Media Services carpark. In addition they redirected him to an empty area that seemed like a garden as they interrogated him.



A scared Jeff seemed to comply willingly. He later confessed in the video saying,” Baridi ilikuwa imeingia.” (loosely translated to mean I was a bit nervous). This was before they dug into a meal and sang birthday songs for the now 54year old TV star.

Professor Hamo, Christian Dela, Monica and Anto NeoSoul were among the planners of this birthday prank. Well, hopefully Jeff Koinage had a good birthday party.

Happy Belated Birthday Jeff Koinange.



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