New State Rules On Betting Ads Could Completely Cripple What Is Left Of The Betting Industry

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Kenya’s betting industry is not new to turbulence from government circles. A new report by the government is set to restrict advertisement hours in a bid to protect children from the addictive practice of gambling.

Before 2019, the betting industry in Kenya made billions in profits until the onset of government intervention that pushed key players out of the game by tightening industry regulations.

As part of the new rules Betting Licensing and Control Board (BLCB) has pushed all TV betting adverts to the hours between 8pm and 6am during school days.



However, its not all doom and gloom for betting firms. They will be allowed to air and promote community uplifting projects from 6am and 9am as well as air ads that educate the public on responsible betting between 9am and 4pm.

The new rule book completely bans advertising from 4pm to 8pm on school days.

The rules further went on saying, during school holidays and Saturdays betting adverts will only be allowed between 9pm and 6am while on Sundays the betting firm will only advertise between 8pm and 6am.



In conclusion, these adverts are prohibited from being shown in between children shows, religious programmes and family shows.

This move threatens to be the last nail on the coffin for the Kenyan betting industry.

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