Lupita Nyong’o & Other Snubs Of The BAFTA Nominations 2020 List (REACTIONS)

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If you didn’t already know, the trending hashtag is #BAFTASSoWhite. This is what everyone around the world is talking about ever since the BAFTA nominations 2020 list came out. upon closer look, there are many great names missing on the list. This includes Lupita Nyong’o and other actors of color. In fact, all of the 18 actors nominated under the BAFTA Film Awards 2020 category are all white!


This lack of representation and diversity came as a shock to many film lovers. In addition, what was even more baffling was that some while actors had even been nominated twice. The BAFTA nominees are chosen by the 6,500 members of the organisation who are industry professionals and creatives from around the world. Some of the categories are decided upon by different sections, depending on the expertise in that field.  However, the actors on the 2020 nominations list were decided by all the members.


bafta awards 2020 white

Courtesy: Searchlight


When asked what went wrong, this is what Marc Samuelson, chairman of BAFTA’s film committee, had to say:

“Clearly everybody knows that everybody in the four acting groups of nominees are white, it’s infuriating, we can’t make the industry do something, all we can do is encourage and push and inspire and try to help people coming in at the bottom end.”


2019 was a great year in film for Lupita Nyong’o and many other actors of color who also weren’t recognized. This oversight didn’t sit well with netizens who didn’t hold back on the #BAFTASSoWhite trend:



The BAFTA Film Awards ceremony will be held on February 2 at the Royal Albert Hall.


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