6 Countries Around The World That Kenyans Can Travel To Visa Free In 2020

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Traveling is an amazing thing to do, especially if you want to experience new things with friends and family. For most Kenyans, travel plans are usually spoiled by the need to get expensive visas. However, you can go to these countries visa-free if you’re planning to travel around the world in 2020.




Kenyans Travel Visa Free

Courtesy: Britannica


Also known as ‘the land of the flying fish’, Barbados is an eastern Caribbean island. Kenyans can travel there visa-free to enjoy the beaches, botanical gardens and hopefully get to see Rihanna.




Kenyans Travel Visa Free

Courtesy: The Nature Conservancy


Jamaica is a Caribbean island that offers a lot to every traveler. You can get to enjoy the beautiful beaches, lush rainforests and mountains. You’ll also get to enjoy amazing reggae and dancehall music straight from the source.

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