Are These Locusts? KOT Has Hilarious Answers For CS Kiunjuri

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Agriculture CS Mwangi Kuinjuri has yet again found himself in a tight corner. This is after an order he gave was grossly misinterpreted by Kenyan on Twitter (KOT).

Kiunjuri put to rest doubts of alleged locusts sightings in Meru. A claim that had Meru farmers in a panic over their miraa plantations being attacked by the insects.

“If you see any insect that you suspect could be a locust, take a picture and post on social media so we can confirm for you what insect it really is,” reiterated Kiunjuri.

He further went on to confirm Mandela, Wajir, Isiolo, and Samburu as the only areas infested by locusts.

However, Kenyan on Twitter seemed to have had other interpretations of Kiunjuri’s sentiments should the tweets that followed be anything to go by:




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