Jalas To Give Out 600 Pairs Of Shoes In Generous Gesture

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Felix Odiwuor, Jalang’o, took to his Instagram account to say that he will donate 6oo pairs of designer shoes. He has delighted many of his fans with his plan to help the less fortunate.

The radio host went on to say that he would give out the shoes at an event he called “Jalas Fun Lunch 2020”.


An Undated Photo Of Jalango In Fancy Sneakers

An Undated Photo Of Jalango In Fancy Sneakers


Being one of the highest-paid emcees and radio presenters in Kenya Jalang’o’s acts of philanthropy hardly go without notice.

He has a special spot to uplift the needy in society.

He has set up a Funs Lunch program in which he gets to interact with his fans and give them goodies with an aim of uplifting them.

Credible sources close to the Radio host revealed that Jalang’o confirmed the information on the Instagram post saying, “I am so happy that I can help someone out there. This is something I usually do from time to time.”


Jalango's Instagram Post

Feature Image Courtesy: whownskenya.com



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