Japanese Billionaire Pays His Twitter Followers Kshs 1,000,000 Per Retweet

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Japanese shopping mogul Yusaku Maezawa promised to give away $9 million(Ksh. 914million) to 1,000 people on Twitter.

This was part of a social experiment aimed at seeing whether money improves overall happiness. Anyone interested in getting a cut of the money had to retweet him and wait for a lottery to determine who gets the paper.

How much you ask? Winners will end up with a million yen each (roughly $9,100).

In an announcement on YouTube, the tech tycoon termed the contest a “serious social trial” to see what impact a million yen could have on a person’s life.

In the video, the billionaire went on to urge winners to use the money “as they like” and to answer regular questionnaires about how they’re using it.

Once the lottery is done, the billionaire will personally notify the winners in a direct message within two to three days.

Maezawa’s empire is estimated at  $2 billion, according to Forbes. He has interests in space travel, rock music, art collection, and tech.

We just hope you retweeted, and are waiting for that paper this Njaanuary.

Feature Image Courtesy: cordmagazine.com



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