YouTuber Raises Kshs 2.1 Billion To Plant Trees In Kenya With #TeamTrees Campaign

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There are many good things that have come out of YouTube, and one of them is the #TeamTrees campaign. This was started by YouTuber Jimmy ‘Mr. Beast’ Donaldson in partnership with Arbor Day Foundation to raise money for planting trees. The initial aim was to get $20 million to plant 20 million trees in Kenya, as well as India and California. However, that target was surpassed and the money raised is now more than $21 million. That’s more than Kshs 2.1 billion!



The idea started as a joke when YouTuber ‘The Beast’ reached 20 million subscribers in October 2019. His subscribers then asked him to celebrate the milestone by planting 20 million trees. After making an effort to plant the trees with friends and family, Jimmy realized that such a project required massive help from everyone. That’s when the idea of #TeamTrees was born. With the partnership of Arbor Day Foundation, the YouTuber asked for donations from his massive fan base. Every $1 donated means that one tree will be planted. Within two months, the campaign had raised $20 million. This was helped in part by many YouTube celebrities who came together to share on their platforms and raise awareness.


#TeamTrees YouTuber $20 million

Courtesy: Team Trees


Part of the #TeamTrees project is to make sure that all the trees are planted by 2022. The first round of planting starts this year. In Kenya, 350,000 trees will be planted at Kijabe Forest. In addition, 400,000 trees will be planted along India’s Cauvery River Basin and 100,000 trees in California.


At a time when climate change is a huge topic , with forest fires getting out of control all around the world, planting 20 million trees will go a long way. As YouTuber Mark Rober said in a video promoting the #TeamTrees campaign:

“We know that 20 million trees isn’t going to cure climate change, but the point here is to end this decade on a super strong note. It’s a constructive way to send a message to the politicians, ‘it’s freaking time to do something about climate change.’ Plus we just really love trees so this is like a fist pump to mother Earth.”


Featured Image Courtesy: Tubefilter



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