Kamene And Kibe Join Gengetone Movement With Nyoka Ya Shaba [VIDEO]

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Famous radio duo Kamene and Kibe have decided to join the gengeton music movement. This comes after they partnered with Krisroff, Magix Enga, Harry Craze, Exray, JuaCali, Timmy T Dat and Xtian Dela in the song ‘Nyoka ya Shaba’.

The long-awaited song has been able to get 31,000 views on Youtube only 14 hours since its premiere. However, there is skepticism of the song remaining on the airwaves in this time and age of Ezekiel Mutua, the Kenyan moral police.


Scenes From Nyoka YA Shaba Video Shoot

Scenes From ‘Nyoka Ya Shaba’ Video Shoot


In typical gengeton fashion, the song’s lyrics pack a good number of unprintables. In addition, there are a number of insinuations that Ezekiel Mutua may not take lightly. For now, it remains to be seen whether the relevant authorities will let the song remain on air.


Here is the video:



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