Upgrade Your Closet In 2020 With These Trendy Kitenge Designs

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Ever just wanted to pay homage to your African roots? African print outfits can be worn anytime, anywhere and anyhow. The print that is also known as ‘Kitenge’ can be dressed up or down due to its versatility. With some changes in the footwear and accessories, you can pull off any desired look.

Kienge fabrics are pretty eye-catchy, and with a bad-ass tailor, you pull anything you pine for. The fabric which has for a long time been embraced by Africans has recently gained wide popularity and acceptance, having attracted multiple glamour moments in the red carpet.

Fashionistas are continuously competing to show off glimpses of the African look. Blank-panther fast-tracked the popularity of the African Kitenge as the fashion display at Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ premiere took its popularity to a whole new level.

Unlike, ‘dem’ days when most people made a matching top and skirt out of the kitenge, today you can fuse the African fabric with contemporary designs to give it the desired African touch, you can also do a crop top, body con dress or whatever tickles your fancy. Kitenge outfits have almost become the new jeans and t-shirt.

Check out these latest stylish, sassy, classy and gorgeous Kitenge designs that will help you upgrade your wardrobe:



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