Toothpaste As Lube: Don’t Try This At Home!

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Believe it or not, people are now using toothpaste as lube. Yes, you read right! Toothpaste.

This trend has come to the limelight after a number of posts have cropped up on Reddit. The posts detail people’s experiences using toothpaste as a lubricant.

Dr Shree Datta, a consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, explained in detail the adverse effects that toothpaste could have on genital health.



“Toothpaste can contain ingredients such as bleaching agents, peppermint or scented oils, which can be irritating or abrasive,” he reiterated.

He further added, “These may cause a mild chemical burn and blistering on any area of sensitive skin. I’d definitely advise against putting toothpaste into or onto your genitals.”



Another Reddit user said, “I accidentally used toothpaste as lube. It’s the morning now and it’s still really inflamed. There is less pain but I’m on painkillers so there is some help. But please, for the love of god, in whatever universe you’re thinking to do this, DO NOT USE TOOTHPASTE AS LUBE.”

It’s just amazing the heights of self-sabotage we go to in the name of sexual fulfillment.

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