Farah Maalim Schools Ruto’s Allies On The Art Of Protest [VIDEO]

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In what seemed like a lesson in Protest 101, Former National Assembly Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim narrated about an ordeal that saw him in the company of  Raila Odinga pit against police back in the ’90s.

Speaking on AM Live, Maalim was addressing Jubilee legislators who have been recently complaining about police brutality.

This comes after an incident that saw, Ruto’s allies storm into Kilimani police Station pushing for the release of Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria. This move ended in the legislators being teargassed by police in an attempt to disperse the crowd.

Maalim speaking at the morning shoe said:

“As the first multi-party Parliament, we decided that we were going to have a prayer rally at Majengo before going to the All Saints Cathedral, but on the way there, at Wakulima, we were accosted by police officers who started clobbering us.”

They took Raila like a bag of maize and threw him into a landrover. When I looked around, I was alone and yet we had been so many MPs in the march. I approached one police officer blocking the road and ordered him out of my way,” Maalim recalled.

A photo of a teargas canisters lobbed at a protest

A photo of a teargas canister lobbed at a protest

“Protesters were energized when they saw him walk alone on the road, and they emerged to express their support for their leaders as they marched towards the cathedral.

When they saw me walk alone on that road, they came out from all sides. A short while later, I saw all our good friends, who had run off emerge. Most of them were wearing sports shoes meaning that they had been ready to run from the start, and that is a very bad sign,” he stated.

He insisted that earlier, he had urged the MPs not to flee from police while championing for a political cause.

“I always used to call on my friends and MPs and tell them as politicians, we show that we are buckling under the power of a despotic regime every time when we take to our heels at the sight of teargas. Let’s face the consequences but stay there,” he narrated.




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