Enough With The Locust Pictures

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Peter Munya, newly appointed Agriculture CS, today asked Kenyans to stop sending locust pictures to the government.

This comes hardly hours after firing of former agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunjuri. CS Mwangi Kiunjiri had asked Kenyans to take pictures of the locusts and post them on social media for verification following the locust invasion. This move was met by a flurry of sarcastic images and posts that flooded social media circles since.

“If you see any insect that you suspect could be a locust, take a picture and post on social media so we can confirm for you what insect it really is,” reiterated Kiunjuri.


Photo of Desert Locusts

Photo of Desert Locusts


However, the newly appointed CS is of a different opinion.

“Please stop sending us photos of locusts anymore, we already have competent people on the ground who are using scientific methods to identify them,” he stated.

He further went on to add, “One aeroplane is at this moment being equipped with tanks headed for Garissa, Marsabit and Mandera counties. We want to contain them at where they are before spreading.”

He also mentioned plans by the government to hire four additional aircrafts to help curb the locust menace.



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