Money Saving Tips For Your Njaanuary Weekends

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Njaanuary inakupeleka aje? Does it already feel like you’re on day 75 of January? Yaani sai unaeza chapa mtu akona change yako ya 10 bob, it’s that bad. You want your Njaanuary weekends to be fun though, right? Check out some money saving tips you can try. 


Have a plan for Njaanuary weekends

Think about what you’ll be doing over your Njaanuary weekends and plan for that. You are more likely to spend more money than necessary if you don’t know what you want to do or where you need to be at all times. If you’ll be traveling, you can plan to avoid expensive car hire services and get a matatu or carpool to your destination.


Saving money on going out

Just don’t. There’s a lot you can do with a chill weekend indoors, like binge watching some movies and series, or trying out simple cocktail recipes. If you can’t avoid going out, set a budget for what you’re going to spend, including cab fare and some extra cash, before you leave the house. Get there early enough to take advantage of the 2-in-1 happy hour deals. Most drinks are also cheaper by the bottle instead of glass, so get that and be sure to split the bill with your squad. 


Saving money on food

Money saving on Njaanuary weekends when it comes to food is pretty easy. One, you now have time to go to the market and do food shopping for next week. It will definitely be cheaper than your neighborhood kiosk and you’ll get more grocery options. In addition, you can also limit your takeout and eating out options over the weekend and make more homemade meals. You can even make them fancy and enjoy that 5-star hotel feeling!


Say no to plastic money

It’s very easy to spend money you can’t see, so carry paper money everywhere and leave your credit cards at home. It’s a great money saving trick to make you spend less because you can actually see the money disappearing. Same goes for M-Pesa and other cashless options.


Njaanuary weekends events 

There’s always something hot happening over the Njaanuary weekends, but one great money saving tip is to only attend the free ones. Just use Google or look through newspapers and local listings to find all the free events near you. Alternatively, you can also buy advance tickets to an event weeks or months before it happens and save some coins.


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