The Afromaisha Magazine – It’s Bold, It’s Beautiful & It’s Here!

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The first ever Afromaisha magazine is out!


Afromaisha Magazine


Have you ever wondered where to get information on the latest local travel tips, discover interesting places and experiences, and the latest lifestyle trends all in one place? Then the Afromaisha magazine is perfect for you! From just an idea some time last year to the finished product, the Afromaisha magazine was a labor of love for many amazing people.


How amazing does the Afromaisha magazine look and read?


Afromaisha magazine


For the first ever issue, the Afromaisha magazine focuses on Surviving Kenya in Njaanuary. From money, food, fashion and travel, we have shared some saving hacks that will get you through Njaanuary with no worries. We have also done a feature on the amazing brains behind the hugely successful Too Early For Birds brand. We have also gone back in time and compiled a list of some of the Kenyan headlines that made 2019.


Take a look inside the Afromaisha magazine and enjoy the experience here:




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