How To Deal With Lunch At Work & Save Costs

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Lunch is a very important meal of your day, and it largely determines how productive you’ll be at work. You may be tempted to skip it, especially when money is tight. Here are some lunch ideas that will help you to save costs.

Create a weekly lunch menu

It can be easy to eat unhealthy lunches or skip the whole meal because you’re busy at work. This is why you should take some time during the weekend to create a lunch menu for the week. As far as lunch ideas go, this one will help you to know what you want to eat and how you can plan ahead. 


5 Work Week Lunch Ideas For The New Month


Plan your meals ahead of time

Now that you know what you want to eat for lunch all week, you need to be ready. This means that you should buy everything you need over your weekends so that you have all the ingredients at hand. In addition, use this time to make meal prep easier by cutting up and blanching the vegetables. This way it will only take you minutes to prepare lunch for the next day, even after a long day of work.


Salads are your friend

Vegetable and fruit salads are great lunch ideas for the work week. Not only are they relatively easy to prepare, they are healthy too and will keep your energy levels up. In addition, another good thing about salads is that you can make them in as many combinations as you feel like. This means that none of your food will ever go to waste.


5 Work Week Lunch Ideas For The New Month


Go for no-heat lunches

If you’re carrying your food from home, try as much as possible to have something that doesn’t need reheating. Most food has a very short shelf life, which gets even shorter if the food keeps being reheated. Go for sandwiches and salads mostly. Alternatively, you can also go for already hot options, like the amazing Nairobi street food.

Last night’s leftovers

Don’t let anyone lie to you, last night’s ugali really slaps as today’s lunch! This is one of the lunch ideas that you should definitely try out. For one thing, you won’t have to take a lot of time preparing something new for lunch. However, be sure that the food is fresh and pack it well so that nothing bad happens to it. 



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