How You Can Get The New Smart Driving License Within 5 Days in Nairobi

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Kenyan motorists have until July 2020 to get a smart driving license or face heavy fines. This initiative by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) was started in 2018. It seeks to ensure that good driving habits are maintained, as well as reduce the costs of motor vehicle insurance. The new smart driving license will look very similar to a national ID card. It will contain all your personal data, including your blood group. This information will be contained on a computer chip that is only readable through special electronic gadgets which are owned and will be managed by NTSA officials. In addition, the new smart driving license will come with points that will be deducted with every traffic offense committed. Repeat offenders will get on-the-spot fines, mandatory refresher driving classes or have their licenses suspended or taken away for good.


Smart Driving License How To Get

Courtesy: Kenyans

How to get the smart driving license

  1. Open your browser and direct it to the NTSA website –
  2. Go to TIMS (Transport Integrated Management System) and follow the prompts to register for an account.
  3. Log back in, select the DL option and click on smart DL.
  4. Follow the prompts and key in the correct DL details. Make sure you confirm everything before you press Send.
  5. You will need to pay Kshs 3,050 online for the smart driving license. Once the payment has been processed, book an appointment at the nearest NTSA offices.
  6. Once at the NTSA offices, your details will be confirmed and your passport photo and fingerprints will be taken.
  7. After registration, your smart driving license should be ready in 5 working days.


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