Little Known Facts About The Man Behind Nairobi’s Eliud Kipchoge Graffiti Piece [VIDEO]

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Following 2019’s historic run by Kenyan athlete Eliud Kipchoge that saw him run 42 kilometers in  less than two hours ( A wave of graffiti art broke across Nairobi city inspired by the athlete. The most notable piece being a graffiti piece on Kenyatta Avenue.

Well, the man behind the magnificent work of art is ‘Bankslave’.  Bankslave is a celebrated Kenyan graffiti artist whose work has made waves across Nairobi and the world.

Like many artists, Bankslave knew he was talented at the age of nine, he would scribble on walls and get a proper beating from his mother.

Bankslave, who hails from Kibera has had the opportunity to travel to many locations world over to showcase his art on different platforms.

As part of his art process, he spots walls and spaces that are legal especially along highways so as to get traction and spread messages to the world through art.

Here are some of the most notable pieces he has to his name:

Nairobi’s graffiti art scene mainly gets its vibrancy from matatus, which has quickly come to been known as a moving art representation.

Feature Image Courtesy: Daily Nation



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